What’s On Your Mind? Deathscape of Filipino Postmortem Remembrance and Mourning Practices on Facebook

Daphnie N. Costa, Raine E. Rillera, Chrissa J. Lorica, Annie G. Sorima, Joseph P. Nacionales
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A Sociolinguistic Explorative Study of Interactional Discourse in Dagbani and Ewe

Iddrisu Alhassan Sibdow, Sampson Lucky Kudjo Yekple, Florence Dorleku, Mohammed Abdul-Rashid Immorrow
 Abstract views: 287
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Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot: The Dual Motif

Lina Alzouabi, Tavgah Ghulam Saeed
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Shakespeare’s Plays at the Royal Theatre in Athens in the Early 20th Century

Maria Kladaki, Kostantinos Mastrothanasis
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